Origami Phoenix Ride

November 14th 1998 - A visit to the National Motorcycle Museum

{Start}The starting point was, as usual, the Tearooms at Meriden - some of the riders pictured shortly before departure. Left to right: Phil Wray (Brompton), Malcolm Lyon (Moulton APB), John Pinkerton (event organiser, Legano), Peter King (Brompton), John Prince (Brompton) and Lorna Wray (Moulton APB).

{MC Museum sign} The November ride was relatively short - about 6 miles from Meriden to the National Motorcycle Museum. There was a lot on at the nearby NEC, causing congestion on the nearby main roads, but we avoided this by using back roads - the advantages of using bicycles!


With four halls to visit there is a tremendous amount to see - in fact so much that it's rather overpowering. Fascinating though, even for non-motorcyclists like myself. Here John Pinkerton (helpfully making a point of displaying the excellent museum catalogue for the photograph!) talks to Malcolm Lyon about the exhibits near the entrance.

{Military model} Peter King was particularly interested in this military model, because the notice alongside explained that it was capable of fording water up to 20 inches deep! [For those not in the know, this is an unkind reference to his unfortunate experience at the first Folder Forum Ride.]


{S-A 1} Sturmey-Archer's involvement with motorcycle gears was not entirely successful, but examples were to be found on several machines at the museum,and Tony Hadland, author of The Sturmey-Archer Story, was amongst our group to provide information.
{S-A 2} {S-A 3

{Folder}Here Peter King and John Ironside look at the nearest thing to a folding motorcycle on display. These machine were intended to be dropped from aricraft fo use by soldiers behind enemy lines.

{outside}At the end of our visit we returned to find our folders still safely parked outside the museum, where they had been joined by a motorcycle, whose owner was showing an interest. In the foreground you can just see the rear of a new Ford Focus.

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