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A good range of accessories is provided by riese und muller - the company which designed, developed and markets the Birdy. See their catalogue and/or web pages for more details.

Other useful accessories, or sources are listed below.

16 inch wheel conversion

Avon Valley Cyclery were listing at one time a set of all the parts necessary to convert the Birdy to take 16 inch wheels, thus allowing the fitting of a wider range of tyres, and in particular the excellent Primo 16 inch tyre.
Avon Valley Cyclery Ltd, Bath Spa Railway Station, Bath, BA1 1SX, England
Tel: 44 (0)1225 442442/461880
Fax: 446267


Front Carrier mounting system

A mounting bracket has been devised by Steve Parry which enables a conventional rigid framed handlebar bag to be mounted on the head tube of a Birdy via a Brompton front luggage mounting block. This is a much more stable and safe mounting position for such a bag than high up on the folding handlebar system of the Birdy.

If you can supply, or know of a supplier of, other Birdy related accessories, please let us know - you can contact us by email at

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