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The gallery contains photographs taken recently by members of The Folding Society, or of events or equipment of interest to members. Members are invited to submit pictures for inclusion in the gallery - but please don't email very large files.

Dog and trailer The versatile Brompton! Michelle Whitworth and Brompton with trailer and its regular occupant.

Tom Vogt, who  organises the San Francisco rides, emailed us recently, and included this rather fine picture of himself with Brompton in Paris. He says "the sportcoat is the key! Who says folders can't be stylish!;)."

{Helicopter} Some of you may have seen the full page article which appeared in The Weekend Telegraph (1st February 1997) about 'motorsporting magnate' David Richards, and how, with the help of Phoenix Cycles, he chose a folder for use with his helicopter. The final choice was a Brompton! The picture shows Mr Roberts, his helicopter, and an array of folders assembled for him to choose from. Photograph: Graham McDermott.

{Small mammal}
Above: "Small mammal", by Simon Baddeley - perfect caption for a telling picture.

{Skye} Right: This image from Graham McDermott is named 'Skye', so I guess that must be where it was taken. I don't have any more details at present, although I suspect that the rider in the foreground is Peter Evans.

For the opening of the gallery, some older pictures were shown, but these will be moved to the archive soon, and more recent pictures will then be displayed. Coming soon (we hope) will be some more pictures from the excellent collection of that well known folding personality, Graham McDermott.

{Portmeirion {Portmeirion} Left: The first Folding Society winter Portmeirion event was held in 1996, and just 8 people were present. Here are some of them posing suitably in the village - the bike in the centre is the New World Tourist owned by the photographer - all the others at the event were riding Bromptons. During this first event folding and unfolding of the bikes was performed several times a day, and the Bike Friday was NOT well suited to this! More posing at Portmeirion in 1996. Photograph: Mike Hessey.

{MicroBike} {MicroBike}
The MicroBike - Left, at Mud Dock in November 1998, and on the right, being ridden by Nigel Sadler some years ago at, of all places, The Hall, Bradford on Avon. Photographs: Mike Hessey.

{Century Ride}
On the longest day of 1998 (22 June), a group of intrepid folders set out to do their first century ride. David and Jane Henshaw were riding 3-speed Bromptons, Peter Henshaw rode a modified Birdy Green (chain drive and 16 inch wheels) and Mike Hessey rode the Bike Friday New World Tourist seen on the left of the picture. Photograph: Mike Hessey.

Memories of summers past

In the UK the winter weather is rather miserable at the moment - wet, windy and grey, although not too cold. It seems a good time to revive memories of some sunny summers in the past ...

{Origami 1}The very first Origami Ride at Meriden was blessed with glorious weather. After the ride the bikes were gathered on the Green for weighing, folding and unfolding time trials, and later a free-running test down a gentle incline. Some of those I think I can identify in the picture are Tony Hadland, Hilary Stone (winner of the free-running test on his APB), Ian Hodgson and Paul Stobbs. Bromptons and Moultons are the most visible bikes, but there is Bickerton on the right of the picture, and a strange Chinese(?) machine near the middle of the picture, the central part of the frame of which telescoped, slightly reducing the size. Photograph: Mike Hessey.

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