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Glasgow to Inverness by Brompton, July 1999

Report by Simon Baddeley

John Richfield (45), cycling officer, Solihull Council, West Midlands, and his son, Tom (13), and Simon Baddeley (57), Lecturer at Birmingham University and his daughter Amy (13) are travelling to Inverness from Glasgow by folding bicycle during July '99.

John and Simon use their Brompton folding cycles for commuting and combined rail/cycle journeys to the rest of the UK. They and their children will be riding Bromptons on their holiday, taking the 4 bikes to and from Scotland by train.

They plan to explore the 216 mile Glasgow-Inverness Sustrans route in stages, taking in the scenery and relying on the versatility of the folders to switch, if the weather's bad or anyone tires, to train, bus or taxi. They will give publicity and raise money for "Friends of the Earth" in Birmingham, "Transform, Scotland" and the architectural concept of "Bike Stations" (see

"We expect", says Simon, "to learn things about cycling on folding bikes and about family cycle tours and about the pleasures of a green holiday."

The group will stay at B & Bs and hostels, carrying as little as possible - maps, repair kits, midge repellent and spare clothing. John described their wish "to make our journey relaxed but interesting and as a result tempt others."

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