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Winter Weekend, Portmeirion, 29 November - 3 December 1999

The Portmeirion Weekend in November is becoming an established event in the calendar for folder enthusiasts. This year we are hoping - technology permitting - to send an illustrated report to our web site each evening of the event.

Monday 29th November

My choice of bike was easy this year - I chose the Brompton SP. I decided to ride to Wolverhampton to catch the train, rather than catch a local to Wolverhampton. I allowed ample time, and in the event I had a long wait as the train was 30 minutes late at Wolverhampton. We had hoped that some time might be regained with a shorter stop at Shrewsbury, but when we arrived they had trouble coupling to another train, so we actually loast more time.

TricycleWhen I came to put my Brompton on the train at Wolverhampton, I found the luggage space was already well occupied, not just by 5 Brompton but also Alan Foreman's Tricycle.

Tricycle chages trainWe had to transfer from the rear to the front part of the train at Machynlleth - not much trouble with the Bromptons, but more of a challenge for the trike - Alan thought he might be left behind at one stage!

Tricycle changes trainPaul Stobbs joined the train at Fairbourne - he has the first Panasonic Traincyle in this country. More on this later ...

The weather has been beautiful today, but of coure it gets dark early now, so by the time we Had got to Portmeirion, it was too late to do any more than go down to the supermarket to get food. David's trailer, minus Alexander, was most useful for bringing back all the food (and drink!), but two of the four lights on our bike failed on thhe way back.

We should have moe news tomorrow.

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