The Folding Society

San Francisco Ride, 16 January 1999

Report by Channell Wasson

Some six of us drifted to the front of the Market Street Ferry Building from 9.30 to 10.00am The usual bike "lookover" and talk and tire kicking, but today a reporter from Tube Times, Vince Vitale, was on hand to take pictures and notes to do an article about commuting with folders to be published he thinks in the San Francisco Bike Coalition's April Issue of Tube Times. And too, the same older gentleman who always shows up even though he doesn't have a bike - just memories of a lurking desire to be young again and ride again.

At 10.20 we rode to the Embarcadero BART station for a trip under the Bay to Oakland, Walnut Creek and on to Concord. About six more riders awaited us in Concord and the 12 or so of us started off on an 8 mile bike path along a canal much of the time. This very pleasant route was put together by Chris Eacock who had gotten out of bed at 5.00am to drive up from Fresno. Thanks Chris! At 1.00pm or so we arrived in Walnut Creek for lunch a very popular dellie. Then to he Lescher Museum in W/ Creek to see an excellent exhibit of working Kinetic bike art. The gang split here at 2.30, some to finish with another 16 miles of trail riding to Patterson on a former railroad line, and others to go home before dark.

That's all I can report on as I was a "spliter" and took BART back to SF with Mike and John to get home by 5:30. It was a great time enjoyed by all.

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