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A cycling holiday in Skye - live illustrated reports

Day 4 - 22nd June 1999


An excellent day as regards both weather and cycling. We decided to look at the north of the island using the car to cover previous territory. Excellent road, light traffic, more cyclists than we have seen before. A CTC group we met said it was nice to see a Moulton on Skye.

This time Amanda was cycling with us, leaving the formation when she had had enough and going back to the car. Graham and I carried on round the north of the island. Roads and scenery most enjoyable made even better by clear air, strong sun and no wind. Both NSs and the AM went well. Now that Graham's NS has been "fettled" his praise for the road holding - and in particular the climbing - abilities of this model was unstinting. The only time either of us felt wary was when running over a cattle grid. There seem to be about three different types of bar over these and one in particular gave the bikes - and riders - a good shaking.

{Start} 1. We started today from Kiltrock viewpoint on the A855, about 15 miles north of Portree. This was the view away from the viewpoint.

{Amanda and Peter} 2. Amanda joined us today on her AM8. She and Peter enjoy the downhill urun into Staffin.

{Flowers} 3. The scenery was forever changing and seemed to get more colourful at every corner.

Countryside 4. Amanda and Peter passing through lovely countryside on the road to Kilmaluag.

{Hill} 5. There never seems to be many flat stretches. Peter reaches the top of yet another hill.

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