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Do not attempt any job on your Brompton or any other cycle yourself unless you have the knowledge and experience to do so - inappropriate modifications, or incorrectly executed modifications could endanger your and other people's safety.

{Handlebars}The following information was kindly supplied by Mike Sherwood. Please note the usual warnings and disclaimers about making modifications to your or anybody elses bicycle(s).

A recent convert to the Brompton (following touring bikes and Moultons), I've made some small modifications which might be of interest to the Folding Society:

  1. Almost sorted-out that darned handlebar problem (too high, restricted etc), by fitting some cut-down drop bars and new brake levers. This solves much of the problem (at least for me, a six-footer) without recourse to welding a new stem attachment.
  2. Fitted toe clips to both pedals, including the folding left pedal (by carefully drilling the pedal wall and using bolts inserted from the inside, with heads flattened sufficiently to allow clearance of the hinge).

Both modifications were achieved without restricting the folding capability :-)

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Last updated: 18 June 1999