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Readers may be wondering why we have not yet provided more details on the range and options available for the new lightweight Bromptons. The reason is that we are still awaiting information and pictures from Brompton. In the meantime, all is made much clearer by an article kindly provided by Folding Society member Mike Smithson, who has recently ordered one. You can read his article HERE. We hope that when Mike has his new Brompton we may get a report from him on how it performs. Many thanks to Mike for providing the article. If anyone else has further information on the new Bromptons (or any other folders), do please let us know. [24/05/2005]

The Brompton is currently by far the most popular folding cycle owned by members of The Folding Society. This group of pages contains information of interest to potential and existing Brompton owners. If you have any additional information we could include here, please get in touch with us.

The information given here is provided in good faith, but no responsibility can be taken for the accuracy and/or consequences of using this information - please verify for yourself anything stated here before making decisions or taking action.

This section of the web site now includes the new models introduced in March 2000.

Note: Since the demise of Sturmey-Archer, only the 3-speed models were available for a time. However, a new 6-speed model, using the 3-speed hub and a double sprocket has now been launched (April 2002), and is available in both L and T specifications. A test report on the new 6-speed model is available, and being updated, and may be seen here. The test report also includes a description of how the 6-speed upgrade kit can be fitted to 3-speed Sachs-geared models, and how it performs in practice. Due the the fact that the new models have only become available recently, and older models are still around second hand, the content of some of our web pages relating to Bromptons has not yet been updated.

A number of minor changes have been made to the specification, the most important being the introduction of a new hinge, which has the effect of increasing the wheelbase, and distance from saddle to handlebars by a couple of centimetres. This will be welcomed by most riders as a criticism in the past has been the slightly cramped and upright riding position. Brompton Safety Notice
Owners of Bromptons made pre-2000 should take a look at the safety notice regarding handlebars on the Brompton web site at . We have mentioned handlebar breakages on Bromptons before, and that a strut was to be made available to strengthen the bars - this is the official statement of the position. [05/06/2002]

If you have any information suitable for inclusion on these pages, please contact us.

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