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Brompton justifiably have a very good reputation for the quality of their products. Nevertheless, however good a product may be, and however good the quality control, there will occasionally be problems in service, and it is important for customers that the manufacturers respond effectively in this situation. Happily, Brompton score very highly in this respect as well. 

We don't hear many cases of customers needing to contact Brompton about problems with their bikes, but Saul Albert has written up his experiences which you can read at We should add the write-up is something of a thank-you to Brompton, as the service he received was excellent.

Recently I had my own experience of the first class customer service provided by Brompton. After 6 months ownership of my T6 (which is green, and hence known as 'Henry the green bicycle'), I was concerned about the state of the paint where the main frame securing clamp presses against the joint. Of course it is only to be expected that this will wear, and Brompton treat the frame so that any exposed metal will not corrode, but in the case of Henry, the paint (or perhaps we should describe it as powder coating) was lifting in this area as though the surface had not been cleaned properly when it was painted. I telephoned Brompton, and without any argument they asked me to return the bike to them via the nearest dealer. In fact I had bought the bike from an establishment in London, as it was one of the first 6-speeds, and the local dealer did not have them at the time, but nevertheless local dealer Fred Williams Cycles, in Wolverhampton, was most helpful in arranging with Brompton that the bike be collected from them. Now the bike is back, but I think I shall have to refer to it as Henry II now - it has a complete new frame! I'm almost sorry about this, as in its short time with me Henry (I) had been to France, the only bike I've ever taken overseas. AT least the forks etc are original though. Although they might well have been able to claim that the problem was just wear and tear, Brompton dealt with this without any arguments, and the cost to them would be quite significant. But of course they have a very satisfied customer. Top marks to Brompton for their customer support, and to their dealer, Fred Williams Cycles, for being so helpful, even with a bike that they did not supply themselves. [12/11/2002]

Bob Gronland has also reported (December 2002) favourably:
"A couple of quick words to say how good Brompton were. I had an 18 month old T3 and the bushes had worn by the rear hinge. Brompton took the bike away from a local dealer and unsolicited.......
1. Replaced the dynamo
2. Repaired the rear rack
3. Replaced a few worn parts and covers
Cost??? Nothing. Yes that is right. All in about three/four days Outstanding service. Truly. Oh yes and they fixed the bushes."

So if you buy a Brompton, it is unlikely that you will have any problems - they are one of the best engineered and most robust folders around, and quality is very good indeed - but it is reassuring to know that if there is a problem, the company will deal with it effectively. 

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