The Folding Society

Issue 1 - 27 September 1998

It's less than a week since news that The Folding Society was being formed again broke, and the response so far has been very encouraging. Thank you to all of you who have registered your interest already. Please encourage others to do so.

Our main means of communication with you will be through A to B magazine and our web pages, which are at

Mailings like this one will be fairly infrequent, and given that there is no budget for it, snail mail postings will be rarer.


Most of you registered via the form on the web pages, but apparently a few people had problems persuading their system to post it to us, and so used conventional email. Some of those sending in their details by email omitted to tell us what folding and separable cycles they own. Now we don't want to seem nosey, but we would like to know because we are updating the ownership survey - preliminary results can be found in the web pages. If you haven't sent details of your folders and separables yet, please do so to help us complete the survey. If you change or add to your stable, please let us know so that the survey can be kept up to date.


This is a very informal group, and it won't be organising events in its own right - at least not at present. What we do want to do is to be able to keep you informed about events of possible interest. It is entirely up to you whether you go to any events we may mention, and if you do go, please remember it is at your own risk - The Folding Society, the author of this email, the maintainer of the web pages and the event organisers are not responsible for what happens to you going to, during and returning from the event (I hope that covers everything – liability cases get increasingly bizarre).

In late November there is the popular get together at Portmeirion, and I hope to see many of you there. If you haven't booked but would like to go, check with A to B (Tel: 01963 351649) for cancellations.

There are two regular monthly activities specifically aimed at enthusiasts for folding and separable cycles. Please contact the organisers if you are planning to go to one of these, as occasionally they do not follow the usual format, and may start at a different time and place from usual.

First Saturday of every month - Mud Dock, Bristol

I'm planning to make one of my rather rare visits to Mud Dock on 3rd October, though I shall probably only stay for the initial socialising and then, weather permitting, cycle to Bath to visit Avon Valley Cyclery. Saturday isn't the best day for riding the Bristol to Bath Cycleway, but never mind. For the rest of you the format can be expected to be as usual. Please contact Gary Lovell for more information Tel: 0117 932 4633.

Second Saturday of every month - Origami Phoenix Ride, Meriden

Meet at the Tea Rooms in Meriden from 10.30 for an 11.00 start. For more details see the Origami Ride web page at or contact John Pinkerton, Tel: 0121 350 0685

Members in the South West and the Midlands are catered for by these regular rides. There is no reason why there shouldn't be corresponding events in the South East, North, Wales and Scotland, or indeed anywhere in the world, except that no one has organised them (well there have been some rides recently in San Francisco).

Please let us know of any other events which may be of interest. The latest news on events can be found in our web pages.

Please keep in touch with us, and let us know of any ideas you may have of what The Folding Society should be doing.

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