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When The Folding Society was revived in September 1998, access to the web and graphical browsers was not as common as it is now, and so as well as having a web site we sent out a Newsletter called Folding Society News by email. This usually went out once a wee. Maintaining a mailing list of over 500 addresses was a cumbersome process, and indexing material contained in individual issues was also a problem. Therefore towards the end of 2001 we discontinued the emailed newsletter, and instead put all the news and other information on the web site. So the last issue of Folding Society News that was produced in email format is dated 19th August 2001, but of course The Folding Society is still going strong on its web site at

The LAST issue of FSN - Number 81, 19 August 2001

Issues of FSN - Folding Society News

Thanks to Carlos Duque for the suggestion that we list the most recent issues first, and also for doing the work involved in re-ordering the old list for us.

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