The Folding Society

Issue 2 - 4 October 1998

Welcome to issue 2 of the electronic newsletter of The Folding Society.

The number of people who have registered an interest has grown encouragingly, despite the fact that its only been announced on the email lists and at one Mud Dock event.

Our web pages are at, and are being updated regularly. You will find the main news there, so this is just a brief summary of some of the items added to the pages recently:

  1. Enough people have now supplied details for our survey of ownership of folders and separables to have a bit more authority. There are no great surprises, with Brompton very clearly the most popular, and Moulton equally clearly second; for full details see the web page. I'll be updating the survey regularly, so keep me posted on any changes to your stable.
  2. Substantial price rises are rumoured on Bike Fridays. They are not confirmed as yet, and whether they affect all models equally, and how they will affect UK prices is not known.
  3. Avon Valley Cyclery (AVC) in Bath is now able to supply New Series (NS) Moultons built from framesets to your specification. They also offer a double chain ring conversion for the NS Moulton.
  4. AVC are now selling the Bernds folder. Prices, specs and first impressions (based only on seeing, not riding, it) on the web pages.
  5. Both AVC and Phoenix Cycles are due to launch web pages soon. Details and links will appear on our web pages when the new sites go live.

Don't forget the Origami Ride at Meriden on Saturday 10th October - 10.30 for an 11.00 start. This will be a ride to the normal Origami format, but organiser John Pinkerton has some interesting plans for the winter months. Some of these winter events will not start at Meriden, so contact John (0121 350 0685) if you are planning to attend. Details of the future events will be available via our web pages, or direct on See you there on Saturday.

For more details of the above, and other news, please check the web pages at

Finally, a warning that my computer system is very sick at present – it won't have any effect on you being able to access the web pages which are located on demon, but it may hinder me from implementing updates and replying to your email over the next week.

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