The Folding Society

Issue 3 - 6 October 1998

Bike Friday Sat R Day Recumbent

Those of you who are Bike Friday owners, and have access to the Community Pages of the Bike Friday Web site at can have a preview of the new folding recumbent from Green Gear. Details are promised on their main product web pages in a few days time, but until then the picture and details are for existing Friday Folk only.

The main features include 3x8 gearing giving a range of 20 to 120 inches standard, an option of above or below seat steering, 16 inch wheels with Primo tyres, sizing to suit riders 58 inches to 78 inches, a base weight of around 28.5 pounds, and a base price of 2995 dollars. The picture on the web pages shows the version with above seat steering, which looks rather upright. Watch the Bike Friday pages for further details.

Other news

It's not long since our last newsletter, so there isn't much else to report at this time, except that our web pages now have some additional entries in the Links section (mainly cycle shops, and some of the page addresses quoted there are not yet active), and some more events listed in the Events section. The survey of cycle ownership is being updated as additional people register with us.

Please let us know if you have any news which should be posted to other members, or can be put on our web pages. The web page address is

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