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Issue 4 - 12 October 1998

This is rather a long issue of FS News - we'll try to be briefer in future.

Folding Society News and A2B Mail

Most of you will probably have received an email about the changes to the organisation of A2B Mail, including the fact that there will be a contribution from us on folding bikes, and you may be wondering where that leaves FS News. Well, the contribution to A2B Mail will be very brief and will not give much detail, and will concentrate on the latest news on folding bikes. FS News will continue with reports giving more details, listing events of interest to members, etc. If for some strange reason you don't want the wider coverage contained in FS News, just send us an email telling us to take you of our mailing list.

Ownership Survey

We are continuing to update the ownership survey, so please keep us informed about what you own. You can find the results of the survey so far on our web pages. The survey is regularly updated at present, as membership of the group is growing very rapidly. The main conclusions are:

You may wonder why the results differ significantly from those last published in A to B (or it may have been back in the days of The Folder) - at least in terms of the popularity of Moultons. The explanation is that the previous surveys did not recognise the fact that some people own more than one folder; if they had a Brompton, and listed that first, that was the only one that counted. A lot of you have more than one folder or separable, particularly Moulton owners, and the current survey takes that into account.

Bike Friday Price rises and the Sat R Day Recumbent

As forecast in FS News 2, Bike Friday prices are rising substantially. The most popular model, the New World Tourist, is now listed at $1695, and the Pocket Rocket rises to 1995. There have been some modifications to the product line up as well. In particular several of the derivatives of existing models are no longer listed in their own right, or are simply described as component options. The Pocket Rocket and AirFriday models now have 451 added to their names, emphasising the use of the 451 sized wheels and tyres instead of the more usual 406 size of other models. The Metro (7) and Navigator (3 x 7) models are listed – these are built to 4 standard sizes and are quoted as only being available in red, and are considerably cheaper than the custom built models. For the custom built models, a number of additional colours have been added to the already extensive range.

The Sat R Day folding recumbent has now been officially launched - preliminary information appeared in FS News 3.

For information on the revised range of Bike Fridays, including the Sat R Day recumbent, see the Bike Friday web pages at

Cycling Plus 84, October 1998

Moulton enthusiasts will not want to miss this month's issue of the magazine Cycling Plus, which contains a two-page article on the marque by Tony Hadland. There is nothing in there that can't be found in Tony's books on Moultons and "It's in the bag", the history of folding cycles in the UK, which he and John Pinkerton wrote, but it is something worth putting in the collection of Moulton related articles. The Stowaway gets a special mention. John Pinkerton also features in this issue of CP, in the "my bike" page at the back of the magazine. The bike in question is a Rudge high wheeler, so although it's interesting to read about John, the bike is perhaps of less interest to folder and separable owners!

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COMING SOON on the web pages ...

A brief summary of each of these topics will appear in FS News when the material appears on the web pages. Input from members for inclusion in these articles would be welcome - and suggestions of other topics we should cover.

If you hear any news of interest to other members of The Folding Society, please let us know of so that it can be put on the web pages, and included in the next issue of FS News. You can email us at

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