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Issue 5 - 18 October 1998

The last week has been very busy from the work point of view, so riding, and preparing additional web pages, has taken a back seat. That's likely to be the case during at least the first part of this coming week too, so don't expect too many additions to the web pages at the moment. However, the topics mentioned in the last issue of FS News are still planned, and indeed some have been started already. The positive side of this, at least for me, is that the work brings in some much needed money - pity I've spent it already at Photo Action! You can find the web pages, with some additions and updates from this time last week, at

Brompton Web Pages

Brompton owners are already reasonably well served with web pages about their bikes, but we are in the process of adding some additional information on the Folding Society web site. Apart from our own material, there will be links to some of the other sites which provide Brompton information. Have a look at our pages, and let us have suggestions for topics to cover in the future. My own Brompton is still off the road - I think it is about 3 months now since I started trying to get a new rear mudguard. I've been promised the last remaining part early this week, so updates about Bromptons should increase then.

Bike Friday

Bad news for UK owners - the price rises which were announced in the USA seem likely to hit us just as hard in this country. It seems that the past arrangement whereby frame sets only were sent to this country, and then assembled here using parts bought locally, is likely to be discontinued, so that all the increase will apply here. The only possible exception seems to be that many of the USA prices include the hard case, and that will probably still be an optional extra here, so that we won't be forced to pay for a case which we may not want.


London Folder Riders were due to have a ride in Battersea Park this afternoon - something that was only finalised during the week, and hence there has been no time to publicise it here before the event. If the weather here in the Midlands is anything to go by, they certainly should have had a good day for it. Please give us a bit more warning in future, and we'll make sure it is announced here.

The Origami Phoenix rides on the second Saturday of each month are likely to take in some special locations over the winter months, and consequently some may start at different times and from different places than usual. For more information please see the Origami web pages at

News of the dates for the San Francisco Rides in the USA can be found on our events web page, and we hope to be able to give details soon of another very interesting event which is being planned in the UK. Watch the web site for details -

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