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Issue 10 - 22 November 1998

I'd rather be riding my bike!

After another stressful week in front of a computer the last thing I wanted to do over the weekend was spend the time working on web pages etc, so there hasn't been a great deal of progress on the web site, and this newsletter is rather short.

I'm afraid I've grossly indulged myself by taking a ride today (Sunday) on the Birdy - not a very long one though. Not only that, but I allowed myself time to finish reading the latest Terry Pratchett to appear in paperback - Jingo. Although there are no bicycles in it, Leonard of Quirm does provide a pedal-powered "Going-Under-The Water-Safely-Device".

Another puncture

I've not been doing at all well with punctures this year. There doesn't seem any particular reason for this - some have been thorns, others glass, and the most recent one, on Friday, was a piece of wire. Three have been on the Primo-tyred Brompton, but most of the other bikes have suffered too. In the case of the Brompton that's 3 punctures in only about 300 miles this year, but in the past the Primos have been no more prone to puncture than any other make, so I guess it's just bad luck. I'm glad that my regime of weight reduction does not include the suggestion contained in issues of A to B that the pump might be omitted.


The coming weekend (Friday 27th to Monday 30th November) is our annual outing to Portmeirion. I hope to see many of you there. I can particularly recommend the ride on the Ffestiniog Railway from Porthmadog to Ffestiniog, which is all up hill, and a very attractive and entertaining journey, followed by a bike ride back - all downhill, and very exhilarating!

Providing the railways co-operate, a number of us are planning to catch the train from Birmingham New Street about 10.15am on Friday, and anyone who can fit in with this is welcome to join us. It's a pleasant journey, and the company of other folder enthusiasts adds to the enjoyment. Please check precise train times with the train operators.

All I have to do now is decide which bike to take ...

Incidentally, due to the Portmeirion event, there won't be an issue of FS News during the next weekend. I hope to have a shortened FS News with a brief report on the event soon after that though, with a longer report and pictures on the web site.

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