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Issue 14 - 13 December 1998

As Christmas is fast approaching, we'd like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. At a holiday period like this, things are fairly quiet in terms of new products and cycling related events, so we don't expect to produce another issue of FSN until the New Year, unless something unexpected happens. But there will be at least one new 'publication' over the Christmas period, as you will see below.

New Web site to be launched on Christmas Day

We've just heard that a name well-known to folder enthusiasts is launching it's web site on Christmas Day. We aren't allowed to say who it is, or quote the address yet, but if you look at our web site from Christmas Day onwards you will be able to find details, and a link to the new site.

The site includes mention of an interesting new folder which is to be launched soon.

If you're too busy to look at the new site on Christmas Day itself, information about the site and the link will of course remain on our web site at

Off-road Ramblings

Some of you have apparently received the latest copy of A to B, but mine hasn't arrived yet. I believe it contains a review of some folders for use off-road - as I haven't seen it yet, I'm just going by what I was told would be in it. Anyway, you can read some additional thoughts on folders and separables off-road in a new addition to our web pages called 'Off-road ramblings'. You can get to this page via our normal web address, or you can go straight to the relevant page at As I haven't yet seen the A to B article, I don't know whether there are any differences in the conclusions reached.


There are no events scheduled over the Christmas period, but things should get back to normal in the New Year, so I expect that there will be a Mud Dock meeting in Bristol on 2nd January. The Origami Ride in the Midlands is definitely taking place on 9th January, BUT please note that on this date it's a special event, starting at Bromsgrove station at about 11.00am. More details of the Origami ride are on our web pages, the Origami web pages at or you can contact John Pinkerton for more information on 0121 350 0685.

The San Francisco Bay Area Winter Folder Ride will take place on 16th January, gathering from 9.30am for a 10.00am start at the SF Ferry Building. More details of this appeared on Brompton Talk, and are now on our web pages at

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