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Issue 16 - 17 January 1999

So far this year I am managing to keep to my new year resolutions - less writing (no FSN last weekend!) and more cycling miles (despite the rather poor weather over the last week). With the NeWT (Bike Friday New World Tourist) currently off the road, the majority of the miles so far this year have been done on the Birdy.

I am planning two tours later this year, both of which will involve hills, some off-road riding, luggage, and the need to get to and from the end points by rail. So a folder will be used, but which one? The NeWT would be favourite were it not for the harsh ride off-road. Although I'm not a great fan of the Birdy, I find I use it more and more, and it would certainly be more comfortable off-road. The luggage limitations can be overcome via Steve Parry's ingenious carriers (see the next item), but I would need to lower the gearing overall and widen the range a bit to suit the hilly terrain. Fortunately I have plenty of time to make up my mind and carry out any necessary modifications before either of these rides later in the year.

New carrier options

Last week I received through the post a very interesting new front carrier mounting system from the ever inventive Steve Parry. This should be of interest to both Birdy and Brompton owners. More details and pictures will be on our web pages within the next few days at

For Birdy owners, this front mounting plus Steve's rear carrier mounting system described previously ( serve to overcome one of the principal weaknesses of the Birdy.


Apologies to readers and to Avon Valley Cyclery for the typographical error which crept into their web site address given in the last issue of FSN - those of you who accessed the site via the link in our web pages will have had no problems as the address was correct there. The typo involved a missing 'dot' - the correct address is

I should also mention that some very odd things seem to be happening to some of the pages I am storing at my service provider. Twice now there have been instances of pages becoming blank when viewed from browsers, even though they had been performing properly previously. In one case, reloading an identical copy of the page cured the problem, and nothing was ever found to explain why the other page stopped working. If you do have any problems with any pages, please let me know so that I can try to do something about it - when I last tested the pages everything was behaving properly.

Forthcoming Events in 1999

Warning: Cycling can be dangerous (so is walking, travelling by motor cycle, car, bus, train, boat and plane, and of course breathing and living!) and participants take part in the events listed here and elsewhere entirely at their own risk. The organisers, The Folding Society and its Officers cannot be held responsible for anything befalling anyone during or on the way to or from the events listed here or anywhere else.

April 17th. San Francisco Spring Ride.

Meet at front of SF Ferry Building at 9:30 am, roll out at 10:00 am. For more information, e-mail Tom Vogt ( or call (510-237-7380).

July 17th. San Francisco Summer Ride.

Start point and contact as above.

August 20-22nd. Bike Friday Homecoming, Eugene, Oregon.

More information from September 4-5th. Moulton Bicycle Club Bradford on Avon Weekend. October 16th. San Francisco Fall Ride. Start point and contact as above.

Late November. Portmeirion weekend.

Now established as a regular annual event for folder enthusiasts. More details later.

Monthly Rides

Please note that monthly rides may not be held when they coincide with a Bank Holiday, or some other major event. Also, although the monthly rides have a normal starting point, they do sometimes start from different locations, so check with the person named as contact before travelling to a ride.

Origami Phoenix, Meriden Second Saturday of every month.

Usual starting point is Meriden Tea Rooms from 10.30am for an 11.00am start. February Ride, 13 February, will start from Coventry station at 10.30. Please check with the event organiser, John Pinkerton (Tel 0121 350 0685) before attending an event, as occasionally the venue and timing are altered for special events, especially over the winter months. Origami web page:

Mud Dock, Bristol First Saturday of each month.

The starting point is the Mud Dock Cafe, The Grove, Bristol, near Temple Meads Station, from about 10.30 onwards. For more information contact Gary Lovell, Tel: 0117 932 4633. London Third Sunday of every month, usually starting from the Pagoda in Battersea Park at 2.00pm.

Please watch the web pages at for more information on events during 1999.

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