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Issue 26 - 22 May 1999

This issue of FSN is much shorter than usual, and deals mainly with news of a new folder. Unless any other important news arrives before then, expect the next issue of FSN to be back to its normal size, including details of events, and to appear in about 2 weeks time.

The new SP Folder

In the last and other recent issues of FSN we have mentioned Steve Parry's Brompton modifications. Following the informal gathering at Weymouth 14-16 May, Steve visited the Brompton factory to show them his modified bike. Although many observers had thought it unlikely that a bike manufacturer would be interested in supplying parts to an individual to build up special bikes, Brompton have agreed to do just this, so that Steve will be able to build up bikes in future to his specification. The resultant machines will be known as 'SP' s and not Bromptons - quite reasonably Brompton are willing to supply parts, but do not want to get involved in warranty and product liability issues for the resultant machines. The decision by Brompton, and the speed with which it has been made, are impressive, and show an enlightened approach in what is all too often a very slow moving and unimaginative industry.

Steve has already modified and one Brompton for Peter King, and is just starting on modifications to two brand new Bromptons, one for Peter Henshaw and one for me. Several other people are understood to be on the verge of placing orders. As soon as my machine is delivered, more details will appear in FSN and will also be posted on the web pages, and an SP special interest group will be added to the web pages.


Another local event for National Bike Week is the Birmingham Bike Bonanza. I understand that John Pinkerton will be providing a small exhibition showing the evolution of the bicycle, and that he also wants to include a section on folders. As yet we do not have any details, but Midland folder owners may like to check the events section of our web pages at for in the next few days. More information on this and other events will be included in the next issue of FSN.

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